Spring What To Wear Guide/Maine Family Photographer/ K.Tier Photography

Updated: May 13, 2019

Choosing your spring session wardrobe has never been so easy.

Here are 5 useful tips to keep in mind when wardrobe hunting for your spring session.

Tip #1

Keep in mind that different seasons have different kinda light.

For example: winter light is not the same as warm summer light.

keep this in mind when scheduling your session.


Spring light is soft and dreamy- everything is new & fresh.

In spring the grass has a more yellow tone in it.

Pastels, whites and spring florals- are very visually appealing during this time of year.

Depending on your session backdrop and wardrobe, it can completely make or break your session & style.

For Example:

Spring Greens/Lighter Clothes/More Airy Photos

Late Summer, Fall Greens/Darker Clothes/Moodier Photo

Tip #2.

The days of dressing it up are not gone and done.

don't be scared to rent the runway and go totally glam for your session.

If Glam is not your jam ;) come as you are!!

No seriously though, if you put on a dress & you haven't worn a dress in 25 yrs..

Chances are: Your probably not going to feel super-duper relaxed during our session.

this can create some tense expression and we want your photos to auntheticly replicate YOU!


Don't match----> cordate colors!! This is HUGE folks

If you all show up in different color flannels

there would be so many patterns & colors going on in the image.

Your outfits, would steal the show and instead of being the focal point of

your session - your outfits would naturally draw in the eye first.


I think sometimes we all get a little "outfit stuck" it can be easier to just grab the white tee and blue jeans. we get it!

no shame, that's why we are here to help!!

See examples of color palette here

Tip #4

Go to your local boutique and ask for help!! These folks specialize in selecting and putting outfits together.

their craft is to see colors, patterns & bulk. I know our local Bangor Blush friends are always down to help you with your outfit needs.



bring a change of clothes to spice up your gallery!

this could be as simple as throwing a sweater over your spring dress!

Grabbing a hat to accessorize for different type shots.

or bringing baby's favorite blanket- pinky promise

it will be a shot you treasure Forever!

Always think outside the box. As your photographer, I am always excited to capture new and different things. Let's create art!!


Neon colors are distracting, can reflect funky color casts on your skin tones, and can take away from what we want to capture in these!


Guys!! pull out that button up shirt. Pair it with a nice watch, roll up your sleeves!! The looks achievable are seriously endless. don't forget to pay attention to your shoes! They do matter~ match your shoes to your environment. <-------------- Only fancier.



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