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Bangor Maine Photography Studio Available for Rent

© 2020 by Tier Studios    .   175 Exchange Street Bangor, ME   . 207.924.5557

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Fully furnished photography studio in Bangor Maine/ Props

Here are some of our most popular props in our Bangor Maine photography studio.

Please note we are consistently updating & adding to our inventory!!

We designed Tier studios with photographers in mind- EVERYTHING you see from our flooring to our walls, couches to chairs has been selected or designed to be a photographic prop.

Bring in your own props or use ours, all we ask is you CREATE kick ass art.

Rent Tier Studios a Bangor Maine Photography Studio.

Located at 175 Exchange Street Bangor, Maine.

Maine's #1 Rentable Photography Studio.


IDEAL: for Family Photography, Couples Photography, Newborn Photography, Engagement Photography.

Bangor, ME