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Meet Joe & Kait

Thanks so much for visiting us today.

Here Is


When I (Kaitlynn)met Joseph he was stationed at Fort Polk Army Base

His dedication and Loyalty

Well it took my breathe away.

We spent as much time as we could

Getting to know each other

one-day at a time.


Life was for awhile

Army This, Army That


Until it wasn't.. 2015

Life as we knew it changed.

Joe decided not to relist 

We also decided VERY pregnant with our fourth child we needed to sell our home & move to New England to be close to family.

Somehow from than to now

ups & downs

highs a& lows

We settled in my home-state Maine

OH Beautiful Maine!

Our Story


Chapters still left to be filled

Photos still left to be taken

We live in the "now" and cherish every day.

We Know Life is Unexpected


That's What Makes it Beautiful.


We understand how important family is.

We Value how important your memories are.

A photograph is a moment of time frozen forever.

Something of such value should be quality.

Quality that you can cherish forever.

We get to meet incredible people.

To photograph, births, weddings, families.

To be  involved in such an incredible-way.

We are truly humbled.

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